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Since 2007, Blessings for Brazil has focused its energy on serving the educational needs of community projects. Learn more about here.
Supporting the development of curious minds.
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  • 1st Annual Summer Picnic, NYC
  • African Drumming and Potluck Lunch, CT
  • Volunteer Meeting, NYC
  • Potluck Picnic in Central Park, NYC
  • Thank you and Holiday Dinner, NYC,
  • Volunteer Meeting, NYC
  • 2nd Annual Summer Picnic, NYC, NYC
  • Volunteer Meeting,  NYC
  • Dinner with the team at Piola,  NYC
  • Bowl for a Cause, NYC
  • B4B Mixer, NYC

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"Blessings for Brazil is still a young initiative, but one that is having a remarkable impact."
Access the full Rio Times article here.
Programa de Auxílio ao Professor
(Teacher Enrichment Program)
Recrutamento e apoiar os professores brasileiros com bolsas do nosso programa de enriquecimento do professor.  Saiba mais sobre nosso programa de professor aqui.
Para os professores
Search with GoodSearch & raise funds for Brazilian children.  Learn more here.
What are favelas?
Many are curious about favelas.  There are many misconceptions. If you are interested in learning more, I strongly recommend that if you contact one of Blessings for Brazil's supporters Favela Adventures.  Let them know that you heard of them from us.  You will have an amazing experience. 

Our Founder''s personal suggestion, "Ride a moto-taxi."

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